Tyssinniemi, 168 m2, 8 persons
and Helmi lakeside sauna 26 m2

In connection with the cabin is Helmi lakeside sauna with a fireplace room which has everything you need to stay and spend the night in.

Built in 2015

Size 168 m2

Rooms: Open kitchen downstairs, fireplace, bedroom, wc, dressing room, shower room, electric sauna. 3 bedrooms upstairs, wc and balcony upstairs.
Behind the cottage a terrace. Carport and a woodshed.

Beds: 8 persons

Equipment: Electric stove, refrigerator, microwave oven, dishwasher, washing machine, TV, radio / CD.

Heating: geothermal heating + heat storing fireplace, habitable in winter and summer

Distances: neighbour 350 meters, beach 25 meters
Helmi lakeside sauna 15 meters to beach

Helmi Lakeside sauna

Located beside the Tyssinniemi villa closer to the beach. The sauna has a sauna stove with wood heating, washing room and a wc. A small kitchen and a dining room, fireplace and a sofa-bed.

Photos from Tyssinniemi

Helmi lakeside sauna